MAC Transco Is The Truck Freight Specialist

At MAC Transco, we have been committing ourselves to be the market leading BEE road and truck freight logistics company in South Africa.  We specialise in the transport of bulk materials and palletised goods and we operate pro-actively to best serve our clients’ requirements according to sound business principles, strict ethics and the highest quality standards.  We truly provide a unique, all-round transport and freight solution.

As a recognised leader in road and truck freight, MAC Transco has several core functions.  Our specialist area is the bulk transport of stone, coal and magnetite across any distance and we focus on real-time management of your transport costs, using the minimum number of vehicles required to haul your freight, resulting in lower capital investment on your side.  We specialise in cross-border transport of palletised goods and bulk product into Botswana and Zimbabwe and we conduct a lot of our coal transport, import, export, handling and storage from private railway sidings.

We also do material handling on mines, like the bagging, transport and distribution function we fulfil on the Grootgeluk magnetite mine, in addition to the transport of run-of-mine coal at the Tshikondeni Mine.  We have been honing our service for over twenty-five years and we believe that the process of improvement never ends.  We are committed to be the preeminent BEE freight logistics company in South Africa and we provide the infrastructure, transport solutions and service levels to support a growing economy through our national and international connectivity.

At MAC Transco, we have a collective experience of over 250 in the transport logistics and truck freight industries.  That is why you can trust us today with your freight and bulk transport requirements.  For more information on our company and the services we offer, please contact us.