MAC Transco Provides Reliable International Air Freight Services

Do you have to supply goods to international clients and are you looking for a transport and logistics company that can provide reliable air freight services?  MAC Transco is your transport partner, whether you want goods transported by truck to Botswana or air freight delivered to an international destination.  Air freight is ideal for small and valuable packages too, getting them to their destination securely and at high speed.

The South African manufacturing industry has become an exporter of note and an increasing number of companies require reliable air freight services and international freight forwarding to meet their needs.  Attractive exchange rates have made South Africa a popular option for the sourcing of goods for the international market and exports are set to increase in the medium term.  We will insure your goods and make sure that they reach their destination on time.  We will also handle the paperwork required for cross-border transactions, because we are familiar with the regulations and procedures.  These regulations and procedures differ from country to country, so let us take the headache out of getting the paperwork in order.

MAC Transco’s international freight forwarding service allows you to benefit from substantial economies of scale, because we collect shipments from various clients and consolidate them into fewer, larger shipments to reduce costs – a saving that we pass on to you, the customer.  You can pre-book space in advance and you stand to benefit from freight costs that are substantially lower than when you shipped the goods individually.  Air freight is expensive, so make use of this service to save costs.

Make use of MAC Transco’s affordable air freight services today.  For more information on our extensive freight and transport logistics services, contact us today.