South Africa's road network carries approximately 80% of all freight, of which 69% is transported by firms or operators in the normal course of their business, and 29% by road haulage firms. Close on 7% of our Gross National product (GDP) is spent on freight transport.

In 1982 Follie van Zyl identified the vast opportunities in this market and turned his vision into a mutually beneficial and rewarding business. Within a few years Messina Associated Carriers Group of Companies (MAC) became one of South Africa's leading haulers of processed and unprocessed goods. With its holistic visions and ever expanding infrastructure and network, MAC now offers effective and customized services in this highly competitive and dynamic market environment.

MACTRANSCO boasts the following :

- A highly qualified and experienced management team;

- An integrated warehouse network;

- An extensive fleet of trucks;

- World-class, cost-effective solutions to freight logistics;

- Unsurpassed software which has enabled successful, integrated and efficient freight logistics in South Africa and beyond.

MACTRANSCO is probably best known in the provinces of Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Gauteng, where it has assisted in keeping the wheels of our economy turning, thus contributing vastly to our country's socio-economic development in these regions. In addition, MACTRANSCO is now geared to provide an unparallel service that will meet the growing freight demands of all our clients.