MAC Transco Specialises In Bulk Transport Services

MAC Transco is a provider of bulk transport services and specialises in functions like road maintenance, container depot, border post clearing, general long-distance transport of palletised and bulk goods and warehouse facilities.  We are positioned as an all-round service provider in all areas of freight logistics, rather than only focusing on a few limited functions.

Therefore, our transport services include the import and export of cement, coal, maize and fertiliser too, although our core function remains the bulk transport of stone, magnetite and coal over any distance.  We transport cross-border bulk product into Botswana and Zimbabwe and we have special warehousing facilities at Musina for our cross-border products like citrus, cement, grain, vehicles and fertiliser into Zimbabwe.  We have become especially efficient at handling the import, export, material handling, storage and transport of coal and we do this from private railway sidings.

MAC Transco meets its rail transport tender obligations through collaborating with customers in order to establish an uninterrupted transport chain, thereby enabling the local industry to successfully compete with international counterparts.  Our transport service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Thanks to our unwavering commitment to service and quality, we have grown to become one the largest providers of customer-focused and reliable road transport solutions, ferrying South Africa’s coal over distances varying from 100 to 600km.  In fact, MAC Transco transports over a million tons of coal per year.

MAC Transco has the capacity, capability and over 250 years’ collective experience to meet our clients’ bulk freight and transport needs.  We continually improve our transport services to remain the market leading transport logistics company in South Africa.  For more information, please contact us today.