MAC Transco Provides A Market Leading Logistics And Transportation Service

MAC Transco is a leading logistics and transportation company in South Africa, specialising in the bulk transport of magnetite, stone and coal over all distances.  We help you plan and manage your transport costs in real-time with careful planning to ensure that we use the minimum number of vehicles that are required per contract, ensuring a lower capital investment on your side.

Our logistics and transportation expertise encompasses all manner of solutions and we employ helicopters too, their most obvious advantage being reduced travelling times from point to point and excellent efficiency.  Their rapid reaction time affords great opportunities to respond rapidly in critical situations, especially because a helicopter can easily land in a company parking lot or (usually at much shorter notice than a traditional aircraft) at the local airport.  It provides management with a supremely flexible tool that assists in controlling all our areas of responsibility.  Helicopters are also ideal for carrying high-value goods and/or documents securely and at high speed.

MAC Transco is rated highly by its clients and our excellent and reliable service has resulted in the Exxaro contract in Witbank being awarded to us.  MAC Transco is mainly involved in the loading of tipper trucks by front-end loader and run-of-mine coal.  The contract includes the transportation of 150,000 tons of run-of-mine coal per month from Inyanda to New Colliery.  MAC Transco is also Tshikondeni Coal Mine’s sole transport service provider for the transport of run-of-mine and final product.

The logistics and transportation expertise that MAC Transco can offer its clients lead the market in South Africa and we continue to improve our services to help our customers meet their deadlines.  For more information, please contact us today.