Core Functions

Bulk transport of coal, magnetite, stone, etc, over long and short distances.

- Focus on efficiency, productivity, real-time management of running costs and high quality maintenance ensures minimum number of vehicles required per contract to meet our respective clients' needs. This transpires in lower capital investment, which in turn leads to reduced transport costs to our clients.

- Cross-border transport of bulk product into Zimbabwe and Botswana.

- Cross-border transport of palletized goods.

- Material handling on mines, i.e. transport, bagging and distribution of magnetite at Grootegeluk Mine and transport of run-of-mine coal at Tshikondeni Mine.

- Warehousing at Musina for cross-border products such as fertilizer, citrus, palletized goods, cement, grain, vehicles, etc.

- Import, export, transport, storage and handling of coal on private railway siding.