MACTRANSCO the leopard:

Soon after the inception of the company in 1982, the management and staff of MACTRANSCO joined forces in selecting a symbol with which each employee could identify. 90% of the staff agreed that a leopard should become the company logo! Over time the concept took shape and -MACTRANSCO "the leopard" has become an integral part of the MACTRANSCO brand.

The leopard represents the company as a whole; the head being management, and the remainder depicting the drivers, operators, administration, security, siding, loaders and workshop staff respectively. The leopard can only function as an entity with all parts in tact; therefore, any injury could mean a crippled company.

The strong, forceful spirit of the leopard has become the driving force of the company and in identifying with its logo the company believes itself to be:

- Independent and capable of surviving in difficult circumstances.

- Aggressively proud and protective of its own and its environment

- Always alert and on the go, often 24 hours per day.

- The black, white, yellow, and brown color variations in the leopard's skin represents the different races working at the company, while each spot depicts a specific employee, Every staff member is therefore valued and forms a fundamental part of the whole.

Over the years MACTRANSCO "the leopard" has become a force to reckon with in the freight logistics industry and each and every employee identifies with this strong symbol of agility, alertness and speed.