Long Distance Transport

Reliable Long Distance Transport

Since our inception in 1982, MACTRANSCO has built up a solid long distance transport and freight logistics reputation.  We have forged an infrastructure and formed networks that traverse South Africa and cross her borders into the rest of Africa.  As such, we have also formed relationships with industries and officials via our long distance transport network, and as a result of our reputation of trustworthiness and reliability, our reputation precedes us every time, ensuring a smooth and seamless passage of our clients goods, no matter the distance.

Our long distance transport fleet

It is a MACTRANSCO policy to ensure that none of our vehicles is ever more than three years old.  Our fleet is top quality, containing the latest technologically intelligent freight and long distance transport equipment and we place top priority on ongoing, regular and intensive maintenance.  Additionally, our drivers, mechanics, technicians and engineers receive world class specialist training to ensure that, whether for short or long distance transport, our fleet is always operating at absolute maximum capacity.

Our long distance transport fleet contracts

As long distance transport has long been a speciality at MACTRANSCO, we transport approximately 100,000 tons of coal every month over a distance exceeding 85,000 km.  Additionally, our long distance transport contracts include the bulk transport of magnetite, stone and other mined materials and the import, export, transport, storage and handling of coal on our own private railway siding, the cross border and border clearing of palletized and other goods into Zimbabwe, Botswana and other neighbouring African countries; full warehousing facilities at Musina to store cross border products such as fertilizers, citrus, cement, grain, vehicles and more.

Tried and trusted long distance transport solutions

With over 25 years experience in long distance transport, we know how to maximise our output and minimise your capital input, whilst still giving you solutions and services unmatched by other transport and freight logistics companies across South Africa.  Contact us today to find out more about our long distance transport offerings.