Import and Export of Coal

Import and Export of Coal by Professionals

The MACTRANSCO name is synonymous with the import and export of coal, as well as a further range of specialist coal transportation services.  This is because, since our inception in 1982, we have developed a world class reputation and a solid infrastructure for the import and export of coal from and to neighbouring countries on the African continent.

The import and export of coal in South Africa

As the sixth largest coal producing country in the world, South Africa ranks fourth in coal exports, which comprise over 9% of coal exports globally.  MACTRANSCO is proud to be counted as an integral factor in that percentage, with us transporting approximately 100,000 tons of coal every month over distances in excess of 85,000 km. As a case in point, in 2006 alone we transported almost 1 million tons of coal and daily we cover distances between 100 and 600 kilometres

The import and export of coal, coal mines and power plants

Not only do we take care of the import and export of coal out of and into neighbouring countries, we supply coal to our own power plants in Sasolburg, Secunda and to Mittel Steel in Vanderbijlpark.  We have been the sole transporters of coal for Exxaro Resources’ Tshikondeni Coal Mine since our inception.  Our specially designed coal cargo trailers transport run-of-mine (unprocessed) coal from the outer mine shafts to the main plant, operating 24/7, six days a week and delivering approximately 500,000 tons of coal per annum.  We then transport the final product to Musina, equating a distance of 3.7 million km per annum, and our private coal siding ensures a minimum buffer of 10,000 tons of coal at all times.

Specialist import and export of coal

For all of these reasons, whether you need to take care of the import and export of coal or need coal efficiently and affordably transported anywhere within South Africa, speak to the professionals first.  Contact us today to find out more about our services related to the import and export of coal.