Air Freight Services

Fast and Efficient Air Freight Services

Since its inception in 1982, MACTRANSCO has developed a sterling reputation as a leading transport, logistics and warehousing company in South Africa.  Along with long-distance general transport, bulk transport, border post clearing and imports and exports solutions, we also offer fast, efficient and affordable road, rail, sea and air freight services and are committed to ensuring the safe and timely delivery of our clients goods to their final destination.

Sensible air freight services

It goes without saying that it is vital that every little link in the chain that comprises our air freight services is secure, ordered and well structured in order to achieve a satisfactory end result.  As such, any goods or cargo that we transport is always under the watchful eye of a highly trained supervisor, who oversees the requisite packaging required and enforces strict security and safety protocols at all times.  Once your goods have been properly loaded and stored, they are again kept under lock and key until reaching their final destination.

Affordable air freight services

South Africa’s star is on the rise in many industries.  Due to our favourable exchange rate with the Euro and Dollar, as well as our reputation as a hard working, attentive people dedicated to the simple maxim of ‘a job well done is a job worth doing’, many international companies are opting to use our quality air freight services.  At MACTRANSCO, these services are underpinned always by superior levels of customer service, both pre, during and post the professional and safe delivery of your goods.

Air freight services in the supply chain

Our air freight services are holistic, encompassing bulk materials handling, packaging and transportation solutions that utilise the highest levels of technologically innovative computer intelligence.  Contact us today for further information on our range of air freight services and how they can benefit your company.