Clearing at Border Post

Exports, Imports And Goods Clearing At Border Post

Since our inception in 1982, the MACTRANSCO name has become synonymous with intelligent, pertinent and reliable transportation and freight logistics services in South Africa and over our borders.  As such, we have also built up a solid reputation as experts in cross border imports and exports, especially into and out of Zimbabwe and Botswana.  We make the whole process a low stress, attractive option for our clients, as not only do we ensure your goods get over borders safely, but we also take care of any goods clearing at the border post.

Goods clearing at the border post admin handled efficiently

This means that all of the traditionally intensive paperwork involved in goods clearing at the border post is smartly taken care of by our highly trained personnel.  We will ensure that the whole process goes smoothly and that there are no issues regarding your goods.

Fast clearing at border post

As we have built up such a trustworthy and reliable reputation, naturally we have forged relationships and strengthened networks with the relevant officials and their processes at each border post.  This means that when your goods are being transported by us, it is already common knowledge that they will be properly packaged and packed, according to any current legislative requirements, and properly transported to ensure they remain and arrive at their destination intact and safe.  Basically, by dint of our established industry reputation, we make it easy for your paperwork to be approved and your goods clearing at the border post to be as quick and effortless as possible.

Variety of goods clearing at border post

As we cater for such a diverse array of goods transportation logistics, you can rest assured that whether you are transporting coal, magnetite, maize, citrus, palletized goods, vehicles or more, when it comes to goods clearing at the border post you will only encounter smooth, seamless service that simply gets your goods there, quickly and safely.  Contact us today to arrange professional goods clearing at the border post for your imports and exports.