Trustworthy Transportation Services

Our Trustworthy Transportation Services Have Been Transporting Freight In South For Nearly 30 Years

In a world of uncertainty, we offer trustworthy transportation services, whatever your freight and whatever the distance, and we will stop at nothing to offer you the best service in the industry.  One of the most important reasons why we are so consistent and reliable is because we are very wary of stagnating and believe in a culture of continuous improvement.  In this quest, we realise that there is no finish line and we will never stop improving our efficiency and service; it means that we have had to reinvent ourselves to stay abreast of the competition.

To offer the most trustworthy transportation services available, we have had to devise modern, innovative solutions to problems and it has kept us at the technological forefront of bulk transportation in South Africa.  In fact, it has made us the foremost BEE transport company in the country and others aspire to the standard we have set.  A single example of our commitment to you is the way we carefully plan and streamline our logistics to ensure your freight is delivered using the fewest possible vehicles and thereby managing your transportation costs in real-time.

All-Round Freight Logistics Provider

We have taken pains to position ourselves as not just a provider of trustworthy transportation services or selective transport solutions, but as an all-round freight logistics provider.  Indeed, we are proud to offer a vast range of services, among which are:

  • road maintenance
  • earth moving
  • bulk transportation
  • warehouse facilities
  • container depot
  • long-distance general transportation
  • clearing at border posts
  • industrial property development
  • import and export of cement, coal, maize, fertiliser and other freight

We transport freight all over South Africa, as well as across the border to nearby countries like Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Core Functions

While many people may only be aware of our trustworthy transportation services, we clearly offer far more than that and the extent of our value offering can be best understood in terms of our core functions, which are:

  • The bulk transportation of magnetite, coal, stone, fertiliser, maize and other types of bulk freight over short and long distances.
  • Cross-border transportation of bulk product into Botswana and Zimbabwe.
  • Cross-border transportation of palletised goods.
  • Warehousing (at Musina) for cross-border product like citrus, fertiliser, cement, palletised goods, vehicles, grain and other products.
  • Import, export, storage, handling and transportation of coal, also from private railway sidings.
  • A focus on productivity, efficiency and the real-time management of your running costs by ensuring economic transportation solutions.  Fewer vehicles mean lower cost to our clients.


We are one of the largest road transportation providers in South Africa, especially for coal, and we transport hundreds of thousands of tons of coal per year.  We provide an uninterrupted transport chain by collaborating with our clients in order to meet our rail transport tender obligations and we offer a 24/7 transportation service.  With the experience, capacity and capability to meet all our clients' requirements, we can be your trustworthy transportation services partner too.