Cross-Border Transport

Meeting All Your Cross-Border Transport And Bulk Transportation Requirements Reliably

One of our core functions is cross-border transport of bulk product to nearby African countries like Zimbabwe and Botswana and we have become experts at minimising delays and maximising efficiency at border crossings.  We transport all manner of freight, like:

  • fertiliser
  • magnetite
  • cement
  • coal
  • maize
  • stone

...over any distance, as the client may require and when you deal with us, you are assured of the most reliable service.

Other Transportation Core Functions

  • Cross-border transport of palletised goods
  • Import, export, storage, handling and transportation of coal, also from private railway sidings
  • Bulk transport of freight over any distance
  • Material handling on mines, like the bagging, transportation and distribution of magnetite that we perform on the Grootgeluk Mine, as well as the transportation of run-of-mine coal at Tshikondeni Mine
  • Warehousing at Musina for all manner of cross-border product like palletised goods, citrus, fertiliser, grain, cement and vehicles
  • We focus on productivity, efficiency and the real-time management of your running costs by ensuring the fewest possible vehicles transport your freight.


Facilities and Depot

Besides our vehicle network that performs our long-haul transportation and cross-border transport functions, we also have extensive fixed facilities:

  • Grootgeluk Mine magnetite bunker
  • Seventy hectares of industrial ground (for further development)
  • 6,500 square metres of warehouse facility (with railway siding)
  • Fully-equipped workshop for trailer building, truck maintenance and tyre fitting
  • Underground diesel bunkers
  • Helipad
  • Special railway siding for bulk material handling (40,000 tons per month)

Improving our Value Offering

We realise the danger of complacency, especially for an established and successful business like ours and we continue to improve our efficiency and service levels.  Among other things, our corporate ethos calls for teamwork, cooperation and an intimate knowledge and understanding of our clients and their business environments, in order to offer them a better service and in order to be your only reliable option for all manner of bulk freight transportation and cross-border transport requirements.