Bulk Transport Services

Our Bulk Transport Services Set The Standard Against Which Such Services Are Measured

Our bulk transport services benefit from a collective experience of over 250 years, shared among our experts, in the fields of warehousing, logistics and long-distance transport.  However, we do not rest on our laurels and believe in a culture of continuous improvement, so we regularly form new partnerships with other professionals in our field to enable us to offer you an even better service.  We are sensitive to our target market and our in-depth understanding of our clients and their needs has enabled us to develop and utilise innovative solutions where necessary.

Wide-ranging Services

To this end, our bulk transport services are wide-ranging and as a proudly South African company, we are pleased to bring you top quality local services like:

  • imports
  • exports
  • general transport
  • border post clearing
  • bulk transport

However, we also employ innovative solutions where required, like:

  • the use of private railway sidings
  • the use of helicopters
  • tailored export methods

Attention to detail and all these services have arguably made us the best BEE transportation company in South Africa and we have succeeded in setting new excellence standards in the local transport industry.

When you make use of our bulk transport services, you can rest assured that your freight will arrive at its destination on time, because our all-encompassing freight service offers market-leading performance in all disciplines.  In fact, we transport all of the following:

  • coal
  • stone
  • cement
  • magnetite
  • maize
  • fertiliser

...across any distance and even across the border into neighbouring countries like Botswana and Zimbabwe.  Our national and international transportation service sets the standard against which such services are measured for consistency and punctuality.

There is no Finish Line

However, our bulk transport services have not reached this level through complacency, because we realised long ago that we would have to employ fresh thinking to implement innovative transportation solutions and continually reinvent ourselves to stay ahead of the pack.  There is no finish line if your quest is continuous improvement and therefore, we will never stop improving our efficiency and productivity.  In this vein, every trip is planned meticulously to ensure that the smallest number of vehicles is used to transport your freight and keep your costs down.

We also perform material handling at several mines and well as material handling and storage from private railway sidings, so there is much more to us than just bulk transport services.