Affordable Truck Transportation

More Than Just Affordable Truck Transportation, We Offer Comprehensive Bulk Transport Solutions

Our affordable truck transportation service is your ideal solution for the bulk transportation of freight like maize, fertiliser, cement, magnetite, coal and stone across any distance in South Africa and even across the border to neighbouring countries like Botswana and Zimbabwe.  In order to improve our service and remain at the forefront of bulk transportation in South Africa, we frequently form new partnerships with likeminded professionals in our field.  This approach has already seen us become the foremost BEE transportation company in South Africa.

Our Transportation Services

We concentrate mainly on affordable truck transportation and to this end, our services are particularly wide-ranging and include:

  • bulk transportation
  • general transportation
  • imports
  • exports
  • border post clearing

As the leading force in the local transportation industry, we can draw on a collective experience of over 250 years in the transportation, warehousing and logistics domains and rather than resting on our laurels, we believe in continuously improving our efficiency and service.

We think outside the box to bring our customers innovative transportation solutions to new problems, besides our traditional affordable truck transportation service.  That is why, through being sensitive to our client's needs and getting to know our target market intimately, we are also able to offer alternative transportation services like:

  • tailored export methods
  • helicopters
  • the use of private railway sidings

In fact, we offer our all-encompassing service nationally and internationally to ensure that your freight arrives on time, every time.

A Sound Ethos and Philosophy

We place a high premium on integrity and sound values and to this end, our affordable truck transportation service benefits from a corporate ethos that has your best interests at heart:

  • We have well-developed infrastructure, capacity and logistical support
  • Our projects manager, workshop manager and labour relations officer are all actively and personally involved to ensure your project's deadline is met
  • We can work around the clock if you require it
  • We believe in the advantage of teamwork and how it improves productivity and efficiency
  • Our disaster and recovery backup systems are comprehensive
  • We believe in frequent contact with our clients in terms of communication, feedback and advice
  • We are familiar with our clients' core business operations, business environments, target audiences and clientele to better meet their needs

As you can plainly see, we bring you an all-encompassing bulk transportation solution; not just affordable truck transportation.