Truck Transport South Africa

We Are Your First Choice In Truck Transport In South Africa Thanks To Our All-Round Service

We have arguably become the market leader in truck transport in South Africa through our tireless commitment to excellence and our vision to be the preeminent BEE freight logistics provider in the country.  Therefore, we pro-actively strive to always employ sound business principles when serving our clients' best interests and hand-in-hand with this approach goes strict ethics in the way we do business.

An All-round Solution

Our field of specialisation in the truck transport industry in South Africa is mainly the transportation of palletised goods and bulk materials, especially:

  • coal
  • stone
  • magnetite

In order to lower your capital investment and reduce your costs as far as possible, we optimise our freight service to use as few vehicles as possible to transport your freight; in fact, we continually focus on the real-time management of your transport costs.  We will transport your freight across any distance, so we can even assist you in the cross-border transportation of your bulk product and palletised goods into countries like Zimbabwe and Botswana.

As part of our all-round truck transport solution, we perform a large percentage of the following services from private railway sidings, adding the type of flexibility to our service that our customers appreciate:

  • import
  • export
  • coal transportation
  • storage
  • handling

Besides these services, we perform the actual material handling on mines as well and a sound example is the Grootgeluk magnetite mine, where we perform the handling, bagging, transportation and distribution function on behalf of the mine.  In the case of the Tshikondeni mine, we do the transportation of run-of-mine coal.

Growing the Economy

Becoming the best truck transport business in South Africa will also help us grow the local economy through our local and international connectivity.  Our team has hundreds of years of collective experience in transport logistics and they have been improving their service offering over a period of nearly thirty years so you can trust them with your bulk transportation and freight requirements too.

Our Core Values

We proudly uphold firmly grounded core values, like:

  • Integrity, mutual respect and transparency, which are non-negotiable, because our people represent an investment in prosperity, progress and growth.
  • We will never compromise on punctuality, reliability and excellence.
  • Stumbling blocks are seen as stepping stones to shared wealth and success.
  • We minimise clients' risks by managing our business responsibly.

These are just some of the reasons why we are your first choice in truck transport in South Africa.