Transportation Company

South Africa's Top Transportation Company's Success Is Built On Sound Values And The Best Service

It would be unfortunate if you did not expect much of your transportation company because of previous experiences of sub-standard service delivery or a lack of communication.  From the outset, we had tried to be different and our approach to serving the long distance transportation sector of the market has a lot to do with the basic values and principles on which we have built our business.  It may also go a long way towards explaining why we are still growing and successful after nearly 30 years.

Values and Philosophy

Our transportation company's values and philosophy are inextricably linked to our way of doing business and to this end, you can be assured of the following:

  • We see stumbling blocks as stepping stones on our way to success.
  • Our people are very important and we view them as an investment in progress, prosperity and growth; in addition, we regard as absolutely non-negotiable the values of transparency, integrity and respect.
  • We strive to minimise the risks our clients are exposed to by running our business responsibly.
  • We will never compromise on punctuality, reliability or service excellence.
  • The cornerstone of our success is meticulous planning, skills transfer and training, which are coupled with an intimate understanding of the business sphere we operate in.
  • The race for quality has no finish line, so we have resolved to never stop improving.
  • We will constantly strive to improve the capacity, experience and skills of our people and not become complacent.
  • We will stretch ourselves as far as is necessary to achieve the required growth and to meet our clients' expectations.

Comprehensive Transportation Solutions

Our transportation company's solutions extend to long distance transportation, materials handling at mines, imports, exports and even special, tailored services like using helicopters and private railway sidings. 

Our lateral view to reinventing ourselves will ensure that you will always be able to draw on the services of South Africa's top transportation company.