Long Distance Transport

The Leaders In Long Distance Transport Is A Full-Service Team Of Transportation And Logistics Professionals

As a proudly South African long distance transport company, we can assist you with all of the following:

  • general transport
  • bulk transport
  • border post clearing
  • imports
  • exports

We transport anything from coal, stone, magnetite and cement to fertiliser and maize across any distance and cross-border into neighbouring countries like Zimbabwe and Botswana.  In fact, we provide an all-encompassing national and international freight and logistics service and when you deal with us you can rest assured that your freight will arrive at its destination in good time.

A Wealth of Experience

The transport professionals at our company have a combined long distance transport, logistics and warehousing experience of over 250 years and we believe in forging partnerships with other likeminded experts to further improve our value offering.  In this way, we can fulfil our commitment to be the foremost BEE transport company in the country and set new standards of excellence and service delivery in the local transportation industry.  Our extensive experience and sensitivity to our target market have given us an intimate knowledge of our clients and have allowed us to develop tailored products that even include:

  • the use of helicopters
  • tailored export methods
  • the use of private railway sidings

The Quest for Continuous Improvement

There is no finish line in the race for continuous improvement in the long distance transport industry and we have had to reinvent ourselves and conceive innovative ways to stay at the technological forefront and offer our clients the best possible service.  We plan our transportation services to use as few vehicles as possible to transport your freight, so you can limit your capital investment; we continually streamline our logistics to achieve real-time management of your transportation costs.

Not Just Long Distance Transport

As part of our all-encompassing transportation and logistics solutions, we perform a large percentage of our imports, exports, coal transportation, handling and storage from private railway sidings.  Actually, material handling is also one of our fortes and we perform all the handling, bagging, transportation and distribution functions at the Grootgeluk magnetite mine; we also handle the transportation of run-of-mine coal at the Tshikondeni mine.

The Corporate Ethos

Our corporate ethos has a lot to do with our long distance transport business' continued success and we stand firm by the following:

  • We familiarise ourselves intimately with our clients' business environments, clientele, core business operations and target audiences in order to better meet their needs.
  • We have comprehensive disaster and recovery backup systems.
  • We believe teamwork and cooperation improves efficiency and productivity.
  • We are available to work around the clock, should it be required.
  • We have developed sufficient infrastructure, logistical support and capacity.
  • Our projects manager, labour relations officer and workshop manager are personally involved to ensure project deadline are met.
  • We believe in frequent contact with the client in terms of communication, advice and feedback.

Our solid base, uncompromising work ethic and traditional values of honesty and integrity have helped us grow to be the leader in long distance transport in South Africa.