Imports And Exports (Transportation)

Extensive Imports And Exports Of Coal, Coupled To The Highest Quality Standards In The Transportation Industry

Whether your need is imports and exports of minerals like coal, or you need a service provider to render a reliable transportation service, we can help you.  Besides coal, we have made it our business to become experts at the transportation of various palletised goods and other bulk materials, specifically coal, stone and magnetite, but not limited to these.  We continue to pro-actively reinvent ourselves to render a better service to our clients.

All-encompassing Transportation Solutions

Our wide-ranging transportation solutions have made us a market leader in South Africa and we aim to be the country's foremost BEE supplier of freight logistics.  When we do business with our clients:

  • we only follow sound business principles
  • we strictly adhere to the highest standard of business ethics
  • we are totally committed to service excellence
  • we always have our clients' best interests at heart
  • we minimise our clients' risks by running our business in a responsible manner

It is heartening to know that your transportation partner has high ethical and business standards.

High Values

Whether it has to do with our imports and exports or our other transport services, we strictly uphold the following values:

  • We believe in a culture of continuous improvement, so we are never happy with our current standards if we believe we can improve on them, of if we believe we can further our people's experience or skills.  The race for quality and improvement has no finish line!
  • We adhere to the principles of training, planning and skills transfer and we combine these with a thorough knowledge of our market to ensure our continued success.
  • There is no limit to how far we are prepared to move beyond the comfort zone in order to achieve our potential, grow and meet your expectations.
  • We prioritise mutual respect, integrity and transparency and regard these as non-negotiable, because our people are an investment in prosperity, growth and progress.
  • We view stumbling blocks as stepping stones on the way to success.
  • We refuse to compromise on punctuality, excellence and reliability.

Extensive Cross-border Operations

As part of our imports and exports drive, we transport freight across any distance and to nearby countries like Zimbabwe and Botswana too, handling all the paperwork and red tape along the way.  In our focus to manage your transportation costs in real-time and lower your capital investment, we always use as few vehicles as possible. 

Do business with us today and you benefit from the highest service levels in the industry in terms of local transportation and imports and exports too.