Warehousing logistics

The science of warehousing logistics involves a delicate dance of inventory, delivery and dispatch and how these are integrated to deliver value to the client. In today’s business environment of just in time delivery warehousing logistics are an integral part of the business process. Without an adequate grasp of warehousing logistics the optimal mix of input and output cannot be maintained. The warehouse is the axis through which goods pass from the point of manufacture and the point of consumption, in essence it is the focal point at which large amounts of goods must travel in order to fulfill customer requirements. Without a firm grasp of warehouse logistics the entire process can be thrown into disarray. The cost of an inadequate approach to the science of warehousing logistics can result in delays in the supply of goods to the retailer or other end user, with attendant reputational damage.

Warehousing logistics are an essential part of supply chain management and form a pivotal element in the smooth delivery of goods. Without a considered approach to warehousing management goods are prevented from timeously entering the economy. Where high volumes of goods are required, for instance in the fast moving consumer goods sector a scientific approach to warehousing inventory management and logistics can spell doom to the enterprise. Without the timeous dispatch of goods retailers and downstream, the consumer may become disillusioned with the service provided and turn to alternatives, a fact especially true in highly competitive environments.

Warehousing logistics is, in part reliant on real time updates of consumer trends and preventing situations of a disconnect between supply and demand. Increasingly sophisticated software is today used to prevent logjams within the warehouse environment, i.e. of over and undersupply of certain inventory. It is essential that the manufacturer or suppliers of goods to the warehouse ‘way station’ be assured of the quality of the services provided by the warehousing supplier, a good track record of ‘just in time’ deliveries is an indicator of professionalism.

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