Trucking companies

Trucking companies form the backbone of the South African economy. Given the long distances involved in transporting goods from coast to coast it is inevitable that they have specialized in various disciplines and become experts in their respective fields. However it is essential when choosing amongst the various trucking companies that business owners choose one that will be bale to meet their changing needs as their business expands. An informed choice is essential as the relationship built with the haulage firm is almost always a long term one. Assets like a varied fleet, suitable for a variety of tasks need to be considered. A proven track record of successful logistical management of complex projects is only one of the variables that need to be taken into account.

Trucking companies offer various services, from door to door deliveries to more involved logistical management, including trans border haulage. When the freight is sourced from countries outside of South Africa, like Botswana and Namibia, the logistical challenge is more complex and care should be taken to ensure that the haulage firm has a firm grasp of the complexities of documentation and the various legislative requirements of the individual countries through which the freight passes. Any delays at border posts, caused by complexities of customs requirements can be extremely costly. The need for a proven track record is paramount.

Ideally the trucking company selected should be able to provide a turnkey solution to the haulage requirements of their customers. A varied, well maintained fleet of vehicles is a starting point, however value added services like logistical management, warehouse logistical services and international freight forwarding expertise, using both air and sea routes can sometimes mean the difference between a trouble free haulage experience and one which is characterized by delays and frustration. Once an investigation into the track record of the haulage firm cannot be emphasized enough and can pay dividends over the short, medium and long term.

For further information on how to select an experienced and professional haulage firm from the hundreds of trucking companies active in the South African transportation sector contact Mactransco, either via this web site or by telephoning 015 534 2171.