Long distance freight

The challenges of long distance freight operations are amplified by both the geographical, economic, political and social challenges of Southern Africa. The area is vast, and in many countries the road network has degraded significantly since its construction. Corruption is often commonplace and crime an ever present worry. Long distance freight operations are in these circumstances fraught with danger, both physical and financial. For this reason it is imperative that any business involving the transport of valuable goods or commodities across long distances in this region be outsourced to a professional haulage operation which is completely familiar with the challenges of the sub Saharan region. The difficulties are amplified for every border crossed North of this area.

It is essential that the service provider be familiar with the legislative environment within which the freight will be handled, as well as be familiar with the customs paperwork that will be required to cross the various borders on the route toward South Africa. Each of the countries crossed will have its own demands, which will almost inevitably include ‘facilitation’ payments. The operation should be aware of the norms of each country, which again will differ for each border crossed.

The choice of a long distance freight company is an important one due to the nature of the goods being transported, in bulk the loss of a single truck load would have far reaching implications. In most instances insurance will cover the financial loss, however no amount of insurance can cover reputational loss when a load does not reach its destination. It is worth reemphasizing that only a hauler with Africa experience should be retained for long distance freight haulage projects.

Long distance freight haulage in sub Saharan Africa (and further up into the continent) is extremely risky, only by taking into account those risks and making every effort to put in place procedures to leasten the risk will projects of this type be successful, contact us at Mactransco, either via this web site or by telephoning 015 534 2171 and know that we understand the risks involved and know how to bring your load home safely.