Transportation and logistics

Logistics can be simply defined as the management of goods as they pass from the point of origin, usually a manufacturer to the end user, in some cases a organisation that adds value to the raw materials (for example a refinery) and in some cases the consumer. In most cases there is a close relationship between transportation and logistics. The chain of supply is integral to the provision of goods to the economy. If a serious approach to logistics is absent in a transportation operation the result is chaos. Transportation and logistics must be married in order for a business venture to be successful. In today’s fast paced world and just in time mindset goods must be loaded and delivered within a specific timeframe in order for the finished goods to reach the market within a specific window of opportunity. Consumers are impatient and any delay in the supply of favoured goods will result in a mass exodus in favour of other, more available brands.

It is therefore extremely important that the business owner select a company which will be able to take control of the downstream supply, or at least that part that will ensure timeous delivery of the goods being transported. This expertise is vital and a good track record will serve as an indication of the logistics company’s ability to deliver on time, every time. Any business that wishes to retain the services of a logisttics or freight haulage company should make sure of their track record of successful delivery.

As well as investigating the track record of the company being retained any prospective client should look at the depth of the management of the organisation, how long they have been in business and the complexity of their operation. Ideally the organisation should have a turnkey solution to the clients’ logistical requirements, from helicopters to deliver small, high value packages within tight deadlines, to specialized road vehicles able to transport goods that range from wheat to minerals. Such adaptability will enable the logistics operation to service the client as his business grows and his requirements become more varied.

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