Goods Transport

Mac Transco was founded in 1982 when Follie van Zyl identified the vast opportunities that were sitting in the goods transport market. He turned his vision into a mutually beneficial and rewarding business. Within a few years Messina Associated Carriers Group of Companies (MAC) became one of South Africa's leading goods transport haulers of processed and unprocessed goods. With its holistic visions and ever expanding infrastructure and network, Mac Transco now offers effective and customized services in this highly competitive and dynamic market environment. Mac Transco is very proud of its status with:

  • A highly qualified and experienced management team
  • An integrated warehouse network throughout South Africa
  • An extensive fleet of well maintained and modern trucks
  • World-class, cost-effective solutions to freight logistics
  • Unsurpassed software that has enabled successful, integrated and efficient freight logistics both in South Africa and other countries.

Mac Transco has contributed greatly to the country’s socio-economic development, especially in Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Gauteng provinces, where the company is best known.

It is the company’s intention to quadruple its goods transport fleet within the next two years and to diversify its expertise in road transport in order to augment and build on its status as a major role player in the South African goods transport industry. The company has concentrated on hauling bulk goods such as coal, magnetite, cement, fertilizers, stone and fruit – it has been hauling in excess of a million tons of coal a year and the fleet travels more than 85,000 kilometres a month.