Commercial Transport

The term ‘commercial transport’ is usually associated with aviation, but of course road transport can also fall under the same heading. Mac Transco, for example, is a commercial transport company based in Messina in the North of Limpopo Province. That doesn’t mean that we only operate in that area, though to be fair the company is better known in Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Gauteng than it is in the remainder of the country – until now, that is. Mac Transco’s goal is to quadruple the size if its commercial transport over the next two years and to reach level four BEE status within 12 months. We aim to diversify our current expertise in road transport so that we harden our status to become a major role player in the South African road freight industry.

Mac Transco’s sole purpose in commercial transport is to meet our clients’ expectations in every possible way. Our current performance complies with:

  • Broad based black economic empowerment
  • A loyal clientele based n customer satisfaction
  • Accessibility at all times
  • An excellent track record and experience
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • Meeting deadlines within budget constraints
  • A varied staff structure with all the necessary expertise

Having said earlier that the term ‘commercial transport’ is usually associated with aviation, let us here expand the statement and say that we do make good use of helicopters from time to time. They are a great assistant to management in controlling our areas of responsibility, making management far more flexible, and they are of great value when it come to carrying high value goods or documents from one place to another.