Cargo Transport

Mac Transco’s vision for the future is to become the top freight logistics company in South Africa by providing vital infrastructure, support and cargo transport solutions to a growing economy, so enabling both national and international connectivity. In our goal to keep the wheels of excellence turning, we at Mac Transco are committed to being recognized as an acclaimed and trend-setting organization which:

  • Specializes in the cargo transport of bulk materials and palletized goods
  • Creates and provides complete, all-round solutions to freight logistics
  • Operates positively, resourcefully and in a ground-breaking way in accordance with sound business principles, standards and ethics
  • Provides a quality, professional service that is aligned to the needs and requirements of our clients at all times

The core functions of the company are the bulk transport of coal, magnetite, stone and other bulk products over long and short distances. We focus on efficiency and productivity by assuring that the real time management of running costs and high quality maintenance of our vehicles ensures a minimum number of vehicles are required for each cargo transport contract, while still ensuring our respective clients’ needs. This translates into lower capital investment and leads to lower cargo transport costs to our customers.

Our core functions include:

  • Cross-border transport of bulk cargoes into Zimbabwe and Botswana.
  • Cross-border transport of palletized goods.
  • Handling material on mines (transport, bagging and distribution of magnetite at Grootegeluk Mine and transport of run-of-mine coal at Tshikondeni Mine)
  • Warehousing at Messina for cross-border cargoes such as fertilizer, citrus, palletized goods, cement, grain, vehicles, etc.
  • Import, export, transport, storage and handling of coal on our private railway siding.