Make sure that your fleet services company can transport heavy loads

There are some specialised road transportation duties that only the most experienced of transportation companies can undertake. Amongst these is the transportation of heavy loads, such as transformers, boilers and large factory parts. South Africa should be seeing an increase in loads of this type due to the fact that Eskom is either upgrading existing power stations or building new one’s. The ability to transport heavy loads is a unique selling point for some transport company’s as these loads require both specialised vehicles and specialised manpower. If a company can transport heavy loads then they should prosper for the foreseeable future. If you need a company that can transport heavy loads then make sure that they have the equipment to do so, as well as suitably qualified drivers. When contemplating the transport of heavy loads always seek the advice of your transportation consultant who will be able to fill you in on such facts as the route that the truck will be taking to its end destination, as well as the amount of time that it will take in getting there. Some heavy loads can take weeks to reach their destination, even within the borders of South Africa. The logistics of transporting heavy loads can be daunting so select the company that you’re going to be using to transport heavy loads with great care. They should have a proven track record in this sort of work and be able to supply you with contactable references of other clients who have been satisfied with their ability to handle loads of this type.

Once you are satisfied that you have the correct company for the job then perhaps it’s time to think of the softer issues. If the part that will be transported is especially impressive send out a team of photographers, you’ll be sure to get some shots that will look impressive in the annual report or in the company sales brochure.

If you’re contributing to the growth and development of South Africa through your products then you can rest easily at night with the knowledge that you’re making a real difference to the people of this country.
If you want a company that can transport heavy loads then give the experts at MacTransco a call. Contact us on 015 534 2171 and your cargo, no matter the size will reach its destination in tip top shape.