Is a logistic delivery service really necessary?

South Africa’s roads are undergoing a long overdue revamp, leading to long delays and the country’s rail network is rapidly reaching capacity. In these circumstances control over the transportation of goods must be extremely good if these goods are to get to their destination on time. Under these circumstances every business owner should make sure that the transportation company they are outsourcing the transportation function to is in fact a logistic delivery service. This is something more than a fleet of trucks and some able drivers. A logistic delivery service makes use of the latest in information technology advances and the business savvy of its executives to make sure that your goods are exactly where they should be, on time, every time. The logistics function of a company such as this will ensure that you can track the progress of your goods as the head toward market on a minute by minute basis. This usually accomplished through mobile telemetry, combined with radio and satellite signals, some systems even use SMS to keep you updated on where the goods are. A professional logistic delivery service can make the difference between excellent customer service and a merely adequate one. If you have access to real time information on the status of your goods then you can keep your customers full appraised as to when the goods will arrive and the status of these goods. This is especially important when the goods being transported are perishable in nature. When the goods have to be refrigerated then this information becomes especially vital seeing as how the cold chain must be maintained at all times.

Your relationship with your logistic delivery service is one that will in all probability last for years, so before entering into a long term contract for the supply of these services make sure that the company that you are dealing with has the capacity to grow with your business. If you’re delivering only a single truckload of goods today that doesn’t mean that you will not be delivering multiple truckloads in the future.

Also make sure that the service provider has variety of different trucks in the fleet that are able to handle different types of goods.
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