If you need to transport mining equipment then find the right freight hauler.

Although South Africa’s mining industry is not the powerhouse that it once was it still plays an extremely important part in the country’s economy. The mining industry is also one of the largest employers in South Africa and it goes without saying that if this industry should fail then the social implications would be frightening. It therefore comes as no surprise that there are companies in South Africa that are specifically geared up to transport mining equipment. If you’re going to launch a business to transport mining equipment you’d better have deep pockets, because some of the loads that you’re going to be hauling are big, very big indeed. Some pieces of equipment can weigh in at 100’s of tons. When you’re moving these pieces of kit around then you’re going to need some very large trucks and you’re usually going to see an abnormal load sign on the back of these trucks while they move very slowly to their destination. These trucks require special permits to be able to use public roads and the specialists who  transport mining equipment will arrange all of the required paperwork on behalf of their clients. Without these multi axle trucks much of the mining equipment that is required to keep South Africa’s mines productive would simply not get to its destinations with disastrous consequences. When we think of South African mining we usually immediately think of gold, however the mining of coal is perhaps more important to our domestic economy. Without coal the wheels of industry would grind to a halt as coal powers all the country’s electrical power stations so the supply of mining equipment to South Africa’s coal mines is just as important, in fact perhaps more important than the supply of equipment to the countries gold and diamond mines.

As these massive trucks roll around South Africa’s road system we should spare a moment of thought for the drivers of these behemoths, they sit for hours and days on end moving at a snails pace in order to assure our economic future.

The transport of mining equipment is a highly specialised job and due to South Africa’s extensive mining operations we have some of the worlds most experienced company’s in this niche transportation field.

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