Ensure that your transport operator knows the ins and outs of freight logistics.

Operating a transport company in today’s highly competitive business environment requires much more than a few heavy duty trucks and some men in overalls. It requires an in depth knowledge of freight logistics. This is highly specialised knowledge which can only be honed to perfection over years of on site experience. Although logistics courses can be taken at many institutes of higher learning in South Africa these offer mainly theoretical training and when you want your cargo to reach its destination on time, every time you want on the job experience. Theory is very well until the first real world obstacles need to be overcome. A professional freight logistics manager will be familiar with real world challenges such as ‘off the book’ payments at border posts throughout Africa and how to get the required paperwork signed, sealed and delivered to ensure that your cargo of bananas gets to the dock for export to the European Union, rather than sitting rotting in the African sun. The savvy freight logistics Manager will also be familiar with every step of the transportation process, from loading, transport by road or rail and the final mile of the loading of the goods into a container ship or an aircraft. He or she will also be familiar with the need for first class warehousing.

One of the ways that you can ensure that your dealing with the best in the business is to ask for contactable references. Another common sense precaution prior to retaining the services of a transport and logistics company is to review the fleet itself to ensure that the vehicles are right for the job at hand.

Remember your relationship with your freight logistics company will ideally be a long one, mistakes now could cost you dearly in the future. Perhaps as important as the physical assets of the company are their fit with your organisation.

If you want a freight logistics company that’s built a solid reputation over the years then give MacTransco a call, our company has a track record of success in a wide variety of logistical operations. Contact us on 015 534 2171 and your load will get where it’s going, on time every time.