Make sure that your fleet delivery company suits your business model.

In this day and age of the just in time business model you need to ensure that your business can respond extremely quickly to the demands of your clientele. In order to do this you have to make sure that your business partners are aware of the challenges that face your business. One of the most important partners that you have is your fleet delivery company. The fleet delivery company is that vital cog in the delivery machine that makes sure your products get to market by way of your customers, any mistakes made in delivering products can doom a business to failure. When you go about making the decision about which fleet delivery company to use you should first make sure that the services that are offered suit your business model. A couple of common sense precautions and enquiries as to the capacity of the fleet can save your business multiple problems in the future. Firstly make sure that the vehicles in the fleet are able to handle the type of freight that you will be dispatching. It does your business no good if you require refrigerated units only to find that the fleet company that you have chosen is outsourcing the work to a third party because it does not have the equipment to handle your cargo, this is only going to add unnecessary expense and cause frustration. Your fleet delivery company should also have a variety of options available for you, such as air transportation in the event of an emergency or where goods simply have to be transported extremely quickly, such as in the case of unexpected customer demand. Ideally they should also be able to provide warehousing and offer advice on cross border transportation.

All in all your fleet delivery company should be able to offer you a turnkey solution to all your company needs and should be able to grow with you. You should never have a sleepless night worrying about your precious cargo. If your fleet delivery company can assure you of this then you’ve formed a winning team.

Combine the above the excellent customer service and you probably got a business partner that you can rely on far into the long term.
You can rely on MacTransco. As South Africa’s premier fleet delivery company we can boast satisfied customers cross the nation. Contact us on 015 534 2171 and rest assured we’ll get your cargo where it needs to be.