A Bulk Transport Company in South Africa can be of Great Assistance

Business for a bulk transport company in South Africa is never dull. The country has enormous deposits of precious metals and commodities as well as a very active agricultural sector. This combined with several busy deep water ports and an excellent road infrastructure make any bulk transport company in South Africa both extremely busy and the entire sector an attractive proposition for both domestic and foreign investment. The bulk transport fleets in South Africa are also extremely busy due to the extensive mining operations in the country and due to the fact that coal mined across South Africa must be transported great distances to be used in the country’s coal burning power stations. South Africa is also a net exporter of many agricultural products to both Africa and shores much further away such as Europe and both North and South America.

A bulk transport company in South Africa needs a highly professional and skilled logistics function in order to get the most profit from the varied loads that it carries. Ideally the organisation will offer a ‘turnkey’ service which include the ability to coordinate rail transportation, road transportation and warehousing at one of the many ports along the country’s more than 2500 kilometers of coastline.

The organisation will also have a diverse fleet of heavy transport vehicles in order to handle the many types of load that are traveling across South Africa at all times of the day and night. The professional fleet operator will have a staff of drivers that not only possess the specialised licenses required to operate the big rigs but who also have an intimate knowledge of the highways and byways of the South African road network. Even in this day and age of satellite tracking and remote sensing many in the fleet management business are of the opinion that experience is still one of the most important assets that any fleet operator can have.

For further information on a bulk transport company in South Africa that has earned a reputation for solving any transport problem quickly and professionally please contact us and we’ll be bale to advise you on how to get your load from A to B with a minimum of fuss and bother.