The Ins and Outs of Bulk Transport

There are many ways to go about bulk transport for your goods and products. The best way to transport the biggest loads is to simply load them into a shipping crate and have them delivered to the nearest port. Make sure that you have enough goods to fill the container as it is expensive to ship goods and sending an half filled container can mean that you may lose money. It is important to clear the goods with the port authorities and follow all the relevant customs and export procedures. Also make sure that all the relevant fees, taxes and other bills are taken care of, especially if you are transporting perishable or agricultural goods. If you do not take car of all these details, the container will stand in the port too long and it can mean the goods will spoil.

Another means of bulk transport is to make use of the railway network. This however limits you to transporting goods across land and you would only be able to deliver you goods as far as the railway network extends. Once again, if you are transporting the foods across borders it is imperative that you follow all the customs procedures correctly. If your goods do not have the correct documentation, the goods will be removed from the train or the rail car carrying your goods will be uncoupled before the train can continue on its’ journey.

A cargo airplane can also be used to transport your bulk goods anywhere in the world. This may the most expensive form of transport available and a cargo plane can not hold nearly as much goods as a train or ship can. It is however the perfect means of transport for perishable goods as your goods will arrive at their destination in hours rather than weeks or days on a ship or train.

No matter what form of bulk transport you choose, remember that you will still need a truck to transport the goods from your base to the relevant port, train station or airport. For more information on trucks and other means of transport for your bulk goods, please contact us.