Import and Export

Businesses involved in import and export have a requirement for a transport service provider that is always reliable, delivers on time every time and boasts an ultra modern fleet of commercial vehicles. The just in time nature of import and export demand the highest levels of professionalism. A missed deadline by any transport operator, can spell disaster and with schedules as tight as they are and multiple cargoes on the same ship or aircraft the export leg of the journey waits for no man. Transport has to be efficient too when perishable goods are involved, including fresh produce or frozen goods. A reliable transport operator active in import and export will have many years of experience in dealing with the hurdles imposed by customs at various ports of entry and egress and will have a transport solution to suit each client, from refrigerated vehicles to dry goods tankers.

Aside from understanding the complexities involved in both air transportation and shipping the professional hauler will be able to assure each client that the vehicles to be used in supplying the transportation solution have been maintained to the highest standard. By far the most common cause of late deliveries is lax maintenance. The client should also be satisfied that should a breakdown occur that the fleet operator has a repair capacity that can get the trucks to their destination with the minimum of delay.

It would be advantageous for the transport supplier to also have warehousing facilities as this will greatly simplify the logistics of import and export activities. A knowledge of logistics and project management will allow the entire cycle of import and export to operate in a seamless fashion, ensuring that goods are where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there.

If import and export is what makes your business tick give MacTransco a call, we’re familiar with docks and airports across Southern Africa and have extensive experience in import and export no matter where the goods are sourced or where they’re destined for. Contact us on 015 534 2171 and make sure you have the partner to keep your business in business.