Freight Logistics

A company specialising in freight logistics can offer a variety of value added services apart from a simple haulage solution. These services include warehousing, logistics and distribution solutions tailored to the clients’ specific requirements. These companies can take control of the entire value chain from the time the goods are ready for transport until they reach their final destination on the shop floor. This turnkey approach removes much of the worry from the manufacturer and allows the business to concentrate on its core business, the manufacture or sourcing of goods and customer satisfaction. A specialist in freight logistics will be able to offer the customer advice on the various aspects in getting the goods to the end user in the most efficient and cost effective manner, making goods available on a just in time basis and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The advice obtained from a reputable freight logistics company can also make the clients job of selecting which mode of transport to employ that much easier. There are several choices available for the shipping of goods either within the borders of South Africa or further a field, these include road, air, rail or sea transportation. Each of these avenues will have both advantages and drawbacks and expert advice will enable the client to achieve business objectives. The choice of transportation solution will depend on a number of factors, including the nature of the cargo and the deadlines involved for safe delivery of the goods.

A reputable freight logistics company will have an impeccable track record of successful projects involving complex logistical issues and the client should not hesitate to ask for references prior to establishing a business relationship. It is highly likely that the supplier / client relationship will be in place for the medium to long term and any steps to ensure that the supplier is fully capable of meeting the clients’ needs should be taken at the start of this relationship.

Freight logistics can be a complex, difficult to master discipline and experience is everything. For peace of mind give MacTransco a call, our company has extensive experience with the challenges faced by business across Southern Africa and can offer you a turnkey solution to your business needs. Contact us on 015 534 2171 and rest assured we’ll do the rest.