Courier Services

From the transport of a diamond necklace to a load of coal, from fresh sushi to frozen seafood courier services are vital to the economy of South Africa. Courier services can complete that last vital mile of the journey to the end user or can transport goods across the entire country, however they all share one vital attribute, they have to be reliable. Without reliability with the entire supply chain is in jeopardy, and when perishable goods are transported there is absolutely no room for error. Any delay in getting goods to their final destination will result in enormous damage to client relations and the possibility of spoilage. In this day and age of just in time delivery a customer can find a substitute for almost any type of goods and when the goods are not delivered on time and in pristine conditions clients will be quick to source another supplier. In other words if your courier is not reliable, neither are you, it’s a relationship that must be based on absolute trust.

In order for this trust to exist in the first place a customer should be absolutely sure of the bona fides of the transport company that they are employing. After all it’s a relationship that will, in all likelihood last for years. For this reason the customer must be sure that the transport service can be rendered without any problems, no matter what challenges are faced during the journey from origin to destination.

For this reason a few common sense precautions prior to the establishment of a business relationship are in order. Firstly the transport company’s adherence to all legislative requirements should be established, secondly the fleet to be used should be reviewed with special attention to the maintenance of the vehicles, thirdly care must be taken to ensure that the drivers are accredited to transport the specific cargo and lastly that the organisation has experience in similar logistical projects.

Courier services are offered by many companies in South Africa, however only a few have a successful track record of delivery. For your peace of mind give MacTransco a call, our company can courier anything, anywhere and we’ve got the experience to make sure your cargo gets where its going, on time, every time. Contact us on 015 534 2171 and rest assured we’ll do the rest.