Cargo Transportation In South Africa

While cargo transportation is a very successful business in SA, they are not exempt from having accidents, even with all that steel to protect them on the road. There are some safety tips even the best cargo transporters need to follow and that helps make it safer for everyone else on the road. A cargo transportation company needs to make sure they enforce safety precautions as well as hiring safe drivers.

You must inspect the truck you drive on a regular basis. This is very important and should never be overlooked. There is plenty of routine maintenance that needs to be done on a cargo truck, including measuring the fluids, looking over the hoses, changing the oil, and making sure there aren’t any leaks. The tires must be in good condition so that you do not have a blow tire. This could cause a wreck, or delay in the delivery of your cargo.

You should always wear your seat belt. Just because you are in a big truck does not mean you are safe in an accident. Big cargo transportation trucks have accidents just like other trucks and cars. Because of the size, the accident can be quite detrimental. While you may be safe to some degree, why put your life in a situation where you simply hope to come out all right? 

Almost all drivers have cell phones, and they can use it to be the eyes and ears of the road. Reporting stranded motorists, poor road conditions, road kill, or even other drivers who are being careless and reckless can prevent serious injuries and accidents from occurring. It is never a good idea to pick up hitchhikers while driving a cargo transportation truck; they can be distracting and might even be dangerous.

While cell phones can be a great advantage for the long lonely hours of travel time, they can be harmful to your driving safety. You should use a hands-free kit when talking on the cell phone. Also, never text as this is not only stupid, but really dangerous as it puts both you as driver and the lives of your fellow drivers at risk because it only takes a short second for an accident to happen. Safety must always come first.

Many cargo workers, especially the drivers, log in hundreds of thousands of kilometres every month without even a small accident. This is because they do a good job at their driving and to take care of their own needs. They routinely check their cargo, truck and trailers, and they pay attention to what is going on around them. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, so cargo transportation drivers know to be prepared for anything. Good driving does not just happen. It takes an effort.