Truck Transportation

The Necessity Of Truck Transportation

Truck transportation is a necessary product of modern life. To stock our grocery stores, restaurants, bars and malls, trucks share our highways and byways. The next time you see a big rig poking around in your lane of traffic; just imagine what they are bringing to stock in your favourite place to buy.

Truck transportation is usually associated with long haul, but local delivery is a huge part of the transportation industry. Distribution centres supply stores everywhere with the groceries, furniture, jewellery, wine, sports equipment and every other thing to stock their shelves. Most chain stores have one distribution centre that supplies many other retail stores and outlets.

Long haul truck transportation is far different than it used to be. Government and insurance regulations have imposed strict rules for the length of time truckers can drive without taking a break. They have also made driving certain unsafe equipment, such as bald tires or faulty lights, illegal. Truck drivers are held personally responsible for faulty equipment that leads to an accident or injury.

We take for granted the convenience of having shelves fully stocked at our favourite grocery stores and markets, clothing outlets and department stores. It takes a huge industry of logistical specialists to make it all happen. From raw materials to factories to distributors to retail stores, most of our goods make several long trips before winding up in our shopping carts. Truck transportation is an integral part of this process.

Truck transportation is also an important piece in the world economy. Even goods that can make the majority of their trip by boat or train will eventually have to be trucked to its destination.  Steps are being taken to reduce the impact of big trucks on the environment. Newer engines meet better emissions standards. Climate controls in sleeper births are more fuel efficient. New methods of paving roads can provide a more lasting surface for cars and big trucks to share.

Popular television shows depict renegade truckers on insane missions. The reality of truck transportation is men and women who do a somewhat mundane job day in and day out. Long haul truckers are often away from home a month or more at a time. Having a normal family life is virtually impossible. Traffic jams, road side break downs and road construction directly affect their paycheck. Most truckers are paid by the miles they drive, and if the wheels aren’t rolling they aren’t getting paid.

Women have become a prominent force in truck transportation. While many are working on two person teams, there are a growing number of female truckers on the road as solo drivers. Many love truck transportation for the freedom of the open road, the absence of a manager standing over their shoulder and having a job skill that is always in demand. So, the next time you see a big rig, stop to appreciate what they are delivering to your way of life.