Bulk Transportation

Bulk Transportation Saves Money and Ensures the Timely Delivery of Goods and Products

Today’s business needs demand excellent logistics to help companies to manage their production cycle, as well as bulk transportation solutions to deliver their products safely and reliably. Every element of shipping has to be extremely well coordinated and this can present a daunting task for any sized company. This is even more important when your company produces products destined for suppliers or buyers. This makes it even more important to ensure the timely delivery of the consignment.

Many small businesses in South Africa do not have access to a logistics manager, but despite this, a great partnership with a reliable bulk transportation and freight company can still help you to run your business like a well-oiled machine. At MACTRANSCO, we have worked hard to position ourselves as an all-round freights logistics provider to companies throughout South Africa. Some of our many services include:

  • Road maintenance;
  • Bulk transportation;
  • Warehouse facilities;
  • Earth moving;
  • Container depot;
  • Long distance general transport; and
  • Clearing at border posts, to name but a few.

Leading Bulk Transportation and Freight Logistics Provider in South Africa

MACTRANSCO has always been focused on becoming a leading freight logistics and bulk transportation company in South Africa, offering vital infrastructure and transport solutions to South Africa’s growing economy. When looking for a bulk transportation and logistics company to partner with, here are a few reasons why MACTRANSCO should be your first choice:

  • We specialise in the transport of palletised goods and bulk materials;
  • We create and customise tailored, complete freight logistics solutions;
  • We operate proactively, innovatively and creatively, while staying true to our business principles, ethics and standards; and
  • We offer a quality, professional and reliable service that is aligned with the demands and needs that our clients face in the marketplace.

MACTRANSCO understands the pressures that our clients deal with. Throughout our celebrated history in the freight logistics and bulk transportation sector, we have grown to enjoy a greater understanding of the needs of our customers. This has enabled us to effectively tailor our service offering to provide industry-leading solutions to all of these needs. This is just one of the many reasons why MACTRANSCO remains the number one choice for the bulk transportation needs of all of our clients.

It is estimated that at present, South Africa’s road network carries 80% of all freight. This can be seen as a result of the poor state of the country’s rail network. Don’t you want your goods and products to be transported by a leader in the sector? When you entrust MACTRANSCO with all of your bulk transportation needs, you can rest assured, knowing that your products will reach their destination in good time and in mint condition.

We bring a highly qualified team of professionals to the marketplace, with an integrated warehouse network and extensive fleet of serviced trucks. Aside from this, we also offer world-class and cost-efficient solutions to all of your freight logistics needs, through our continued commitment to raising the bar of excellence in our sector. We operate throughout South Africa, but MACTRANSCO is perhaps best known in Mpumalanga, Gauteng and Limpopo, helping to keep the economy moving forward with our bulk transportation and logistics solutions.

Our bulk transportation solutions extend to coal, stone and magnetite, across short or long distances. We focus on efficiency and the management of our fleet’s running costs, which ensures that the minimum number of vehicles required per project is used to meet the needs of our valued clients. This directly leads to reduced transport costs to our clients. We also offer cross border transport of bulk products into Botswana and Zimbabwe.

MACTRANSCO is also experienced in material handling on mines, including transport, distribution and bagging of coal and magnetite. These are only a few of the services and solutions that you can expect from MACTRANSCO. We always go the extra mile to offer our clients industry-leading and affordable, competitive solutions for all of their bulk transportation needs. Our company is committed to being an asset to your business. Speak to any of our logistics specialists, in order to learn about how our bulk transportation solutions can help you to take your business into the future, while saving costs on your transport needs.