Furniture Removers

When you’re planning your move to your new dream home there’s always that nagging worry about those precious belongings that are so much a part of your life that any loss would be irreplaceable. From photo albums to your Grandmothers crystal champagne glasses these are items which hold memories and can trigger an emotional reaction from tears of loss to tears of joy and they are irreplaceable. That’s why, when the time comes to choose your furniture movers that you have complete confidence in their professionalism and customer service. The company you choose should have a track record of successful relocations to the area where you are moving to and they should be able to supply contactable references if you request them.

The mark of reputable furniture movers will be in their approach and their appearance. Any person can purchase two commercial vehicle’s and claim to be a professional moving specialist. A couple of common sense guides will tell you if you’re dealing with professionals. Remember that any reputable furniture mover should be willing and able to answer any questions that you might have regarding the move, however here are a few pointers for your peace of mind;

Visit their head office and see the infrastructure in place.
Ask to view their fleet of commercial vehicles – are they suitable for the job, remember only covered vehicles are suitable for relocations.
Are their uniforms neat and do they reflect a company brand?
Are they courteous and helpful?
Will they supply a free quote?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, or if something seems out of place then you would be best served by selecting another service provider. Remember these are your precious goods that these men will be handling and your memories are in their hands.

For professional furniture movers who care about your memories and your belongings why not give us a call on 015 534 2171. With us you’ll be getting professional service, the best and most well maintained fleet in the business and above all a peace of mind move. At Mactransco we pride ourselves on the fact that we’re known for moving more than furniture, we’re known for moving people.