Truck Hire

For short term use or the relocation of smaller loads truck hire can be a viable alternative to retaining the services of a professional moving company. Truck hire will allow the individual or business the option of hiring the correct vehicle for the job. From specialised loads to furniture a professional leasing company will usually have the right solution for your moving needs. The vehicles required can be leased for varying periods, from short term lease of a single day to longer periods ranging from a week to a month. Preplanning prior to leasing is essential, if the job should take longer than anticipated it will be necessary to renegotiate the terms of the lease, this can be costly so always budget for unforeseen problems or difficulties. Your specialist leasing agent will be able to supply you with advice on the period that the lease should run for and the correct vehicle for the job.

Always be aware that when hiring a truck there may be a requirement for a specialised licence, trucks over a certain size cannot be driven by code 08 license holders. Also when selecting the vehicle be aware of the surroundings within which it will operating. For instance if the load is to be transported from a townhouse or boomed area there will be limitations in access. Low branches or arches in a complex may make it impossible for the larger commercial vehicles to access the point of departure. If this is the case then a bakkie may be required to transport the goods to the larger vehicle. Make allowances for these challenges. Once again your specialist leasing agent will be bale to advise you on the best approach.

The key to successful truck hire is always the professionalism of the organisation supplying the vehicles. Be aware that fleet maintenance is key. Always ask about the maintenance of the vehicles and the procedure in the event of a breakdown. The approach to this problem may mean the difference between a carefree experience and one that can cause untold stress.

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