Truck Transportaion Services

Highly Efficient and Versatile Bulk Truck Transportation Services in South Africa

When looking for bulk hauling and truck transportation services relevant to your company’s requirements you need to consider:

  • History of the company.
  • Spending on the acquisition of new vehicles to complement their existing fleet.
  • Area covered including cross-border transportation.
  • Cost-effectiveness of the company’s operations.
  • Material handling capabilities.
  • Warehousing offered for cross-border transportation of products.
  • Maintenance of their vehicles and storage facilities.


Rather than making use of several companies that offer truck transportation services, you’ll want to use one trustworthy service provider with a proven track record of their haulage capabilities. This will help your company to save on costs since you’ll be more likely to receive discounts and better pricing because of your large client profile.

Having to make use of various companies because they cannot handle the specific loads you need to have transported will also increase the administration time and effort. This in turn, costs money and thus eats into your profits. Apart from such, you want your staff to focus on profit bearing aspects of your business. Having to deal with the extra administration load because of having to work with various companies is thus counterproductive.

Add to the above, the scenario where your business operations grind to a halt because products are not delivered in time at your various locations and you can see why it is essential to use a truck transportation service provider with a large fleet, known for the on-time delivery and cost-effectiveness of their operations.

The Solution

MACTRANSCO is the solution. We haul bulk loads of coal, stone, magnetite and related minerals over short and long distances. Our focus on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, timeliness, and productivity in addition to an unwavering commitment to superior quality service are at the heart of our success.

Through regular vehicle maintenance and partnerships with top truck manufacturers, we are able to get loads to the required destinations with the minimum number of vehicles needed per contract and within the allocated timeframe. This saves you money and a lot of frustration in having to deal with late load deliveries. With lower capital investment needed because of our strategic efficiency, we ensure lower transport costs for you, which in turn helps your company to realise higher profits.

We monitor the whereabouts of loads in real-time and can thus advice drivers regarding alternative routes should there be road closures or accidents ahead that can cause delays. The real-time monitoring and tracking also ensure the safety of client loads since we’re up to speed at all times regarding the routes the trucks follow, how long the trucks take to reach specific points and how long the trucks have stopped. The drivers can notify us immediately should they experience any mechanical problems, ensuring that assistance can be delivered as soon as possible.

Our profile of service delivery includes cross-border transportation of bulk loads to Zimbabwe and Botswana, as well as cross-border transportation of palletised products. In addition, we have a long history of material handling on mines including the transporting, bagging and distribution of magnetite at the Grootgeluk Mine, as well as transporting of run-of-mine coal at the Tshikondeni Mine. The profile furthermore includes warehousing at Muzina for cross-border products including the likes of grain, cement and citrus. We handle importing, exporting, transporting and storage of coal on private railway siding.

Well-Maintained Fleet

We regularly add new vehicles to our fleet to ensure that we can meet client requirements and to ensure the reliability of our trucks. Our fleet travels in excess of 85 000 kilometres a month and it goes without saying that we have to keep them in tip-top condition for such distances.

Highly Skilled Team

Our teams are highly skilled and we provide special in-house training to ensure that the teams understand and can maintain our high standards whether in the warehouses, workshops or on the road.

One of the Largest Focussed Road Transport Companies

We rank amongst the best-of-the-best and are one of the largest focussed road transportation services in the country. Our trucks travel on average 100 to 600 km per week each and we have an impressive track record. In 2006 we transported almost one million tons of coal.

We ensure that we can meet our rail transport tender obligations for an uninterrupted transport chain which makes it possible for the South African industries to compete favourably with international players. To this end we provide a 24/7 transportation service.

Where required, we make use of helicopters to bring us to clients for optimal usage of time. This gives us the ultimate flexibility to deal with crisis situations quickly and for more control over our operations. Our helicopters are also used for the carrying of high value goods and documents.

Call us today to discuss your truck transportation requirements and discover why so many companies in South Africa already rely on MACTRANSCO for the hauling of their goods.