Truck Transportation Services

Truck Transportation Services and World-Class Freight Logistic Solutions

Today, when you need to move goods from one place to another cross country in South Africa, you have two choices, truck transportation services or the somewhat ailing railway system, which has unfortunately not kept pace with the demands of 21st century cargo moving and haulage demands.

Currently, about 80% of all freight movement in this country takes place via road and of this, 69% is carried by companies and/or operators themselves as part of their normal, day to day business operations, whilst some 29% is carried via contracted services provided by road and truck transportation concerns, of which our company has become one of the industry’s leaders.

All Round Freight Logistics Provider

However, right from the beginning of operations, our founder took a wider, more comprehensive view about the direction our company should take, positioning the organisation as an all-round freight logistics provider, rather than focussing only on truck transportation services, which is nevertheless a major component contributing to our success and growth.

Key Services

Some, but not all of the additional key components of our all-round services include bulk cargo haulage, over long and short distances, clearing at border posts and cross border transportation of bulk cargo, long distance general transport, provision of warehouse facilities, a container depot, earth moving, road maintenance, import, export and bulk haulage of commodities, such as maize, coal, fertiliser, cement, stone and magnetite, and industrial property development.

Our modern, well-maintained vehicles, most newer than 3 years, also carry palletised goods and bulk products across the borders to Botswana and Zimbabwe, and we have established warehousing facilities in Musina, for efficient cross border movement of fertiliser, maize, citrus products, grain, palletised goods and vehicles.

Private railway sidings facilitate handling, storage, import and export of coal. We undertake material handling (transport, bagging and distribution of magnetite) at the Grootgeluk Mine, whilst we transport run-of-mine coal at Tshikondeni Mine.

How it’s Done

Running costs are managed precisely in real time, as is the excellent maintenance of equipment and vehicles, keeping the focus on maximum productivity and efficiency, which minimises our capital investment, whilst ensuring that the minimum number of vehicles are required to meet customers’ needs effectively. Resulting cost savings place both our customers and our operations in a win-win position.

Team Approach

Teamwork is vital to our successful business model, in which ongoing training, development and skills transfer, plays an integral role. B-BBEE principles are practised throughout and our people are our most valued asset, part and parcel of our investment in growth and prosperity. Integrity, transparency and mutual respect prevails on and between all levels in our organisation.

Highly Esteemed Clients

The other side of the coin is equally important. We go the extra mile to familiarise ourselves with our clients’ business cultures and operational requirements, and we are available and accessible to them at all times, as the need arises, communicating regularly and giving feedback on progress. Adequate infrastructure and state-of-the-art systems ensure that we possess the capacity to provide ample logistical support, in order to meet customers’ demands.

Our People

Executive and mid-level management are highly qualified and well placed to provide guidance, training and staff support. Commitment to our brand and its ethos applies to all associated with MAC, our leopard logo, and his attributes with which they identify, they are always alert, agile and fast, protective of his environment, independent and able to survive and overcome challenges.


In 1982, our founder, Follie van Zyl, recognised the then, current and future opportunities for efficient truck transportation services in Southern Africa, realising that such a concern should not limit itself in its scope of operations, but set the business up to include full freight logistic services, and that is precisely what he and his people have accomplished which is world-class, cost effective freight logistic solutions, capable of providing unrivalled service to meet the demands of clients and the economy.

Our track record and history, combined with our loyal, long-standing client base, attests to their satisfaction with our service and our success. We are proudly punctual, prompt, productive and efficient, and we meet clients’ deadlines, no matter what, within their given budget constraints.

Your Partner

When you contract our truck transportation services or any other divisions of our freight logistic solutions, we become your operational business partner. Your operation is as vitally important to us as it is to you; anything less is not good enough.