Earthmoving Services

Competent Earthmoving Services and Lots More

Because our fleets of trucks and vehicles are so easily and frequently spotted on the roads in regions in which we are active, some people are unaware that we also undertake earthmoving services in addition to road transport and cargo haulage.

The nature of our business operations and that of our clients, who are often located in remote areas devoid of modern infrastructure, necessitates that we have adequate, professional earthmoving equipment and services at hand to clear the way.

Remote and Inaccessible

Such regions may be relatively inaccessible to haulage and delivery vehicles carrying essential loads and cargo, building materials, construction equipment and the like, so it is up to us to level ground, clear bush of heavy growth, demolish obstacles and even build roads and excavate trenches, before viable activities can commence. Nothing is possible until the area allows access for all that is required on site.

Eye Catching

Although we are possibly best recognised in Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces due to our extensive operations in these areas, our services extend throughout South Africa and crosses borders into Zimbabwe and Botswana, countries to which we transport bulk products.

Another major reason why our vehicles and equipment catches the eye and is so instantly recognisable is undoubtedly the bright yellow background colour of these items. It has been scientifically proven that yellow objects attract the eye and attention of human beings before any other colour. Occupying pride of place on this bright background, Mac, our logo’s intrepid leopard, keeps an alert, watchful eye over his surroundings.

Site Safety

Yellow is highly visible, even in adverse weather conditions and low ambient light. This is a critically important safety aspect of this colour (and yellow-orange or orange). In the USA, yellow is the preferred colour of city cabs and school buses, distinguishing them from other vehicles on the road and decreasing the likelihood of other vehicles not seeing them and inadvertently crashing into them.

Worldwide, earthmoving and construction capital equipment is finished in yellow or its cousin orange, much for the same safety considerations. Every building or construction site is a busy place, fraught with potential dangers and hazards lurking around every corner, irrespective of contractors’ great safety records and precautions.

Such heavy equipment has the ability to inflict serious damage and injury, frequently with fatal consequences, and the driver may not even be aware of it, due to the bulk and size of whatever he is operating, making it incumbent upon everyone on and around the site to be alert and aware of the equipment’s movements.

Earthmoving Equipment

Some, several or all of these heavy machines, may be found on any given construction site and include mechanical diggers, excavators, bulldozers, dump, tipper and haulage trucks, trenching machines, back hoes, graders, loaders, quarrying and other earthmoving machinery.

Rocks, large trees and heavy vegetation, may have to be demolished and removed. Level surfaces, including roads, light aircraft runways and flat areas to accommodate structures, need to be created whilst an occasional gradient may also be required, filling in and compacting surfaces must be evenly accomplished, storm water or swamp drainage has to be taken into account, likewise soil conditions.

Technical Issues

All on-site, earthmoving equipment works long and hard hours. A breakdown will seriously and adversely impact projects which are highly time sensitive and money driven, unless the machine can be repaired in the shortest possible time, to avoid excessive downtime, affecting all activities on-site.

Because we take a holistic view of our operation and functions which we deem to be essential, our workshops are managed by qualified and highly experienced artisans and technical workers with the commitment and dedication to attend to all repairs and maintenance in the fastest possible time, without compromising on quality workmanship.

If required, our people will work around the clock to resolve issues, as our disaster and recovery backup systems are world class. Individual and interdepartmental teamwork and co-operation makes the most of our productivity and efficiency levels, of huge benefit to our clients, our workforce and our country’s economy.

These competent teams are also responsible for the regular, pre-emptive maintenance of our vehicle fleets, which comprises of vehicles of three years of age or newer, avoiding unnecessary wear and tear, breakdowns and less than perfect customer service. Ongoing training and skills development, keeps service levels at peak performance.

Comprehensive Services

Contact us, an industry leader, for your all round freight logistics services, from earthmoving to road maintenance, bulk and long distance general transport, warehousing, border clearing, import and export of commodities and raw materials and industrial property development – the full package.