Freight shipping quote

When sourcing a freight shipping quote it essential that the company retained to ship the goods is experienced enough to factor in all costs. The cost of doing business in Africa can sometimes include hidden fees for the facilitation of the transport of the goods. An experienced company will know how to factor in these hidden expenses into the freight shipping quote. These hidden expenses will rise steeply the further away from South Africa the harbour is situated and can sometimes form a substantial cost of the final invoice for the transport of the goods. It is essential that the haulage company tasked with the transport of commodities (sometimes worth millions of Rands) has a track record of success on the African continent, for your own peace of mind a request for referrals might be a prudent course of action.

Aside from these ‘hidden’ costs the freight shipping quote should take into account additional costs for the shipping, like insurance. Always make sure that the freight company is contracted to a reputable insurance firm who are able to speedily handle large claims. Other costs might include the retention of a private security company to guard the freight. This becomes especially important when the port is in a so called ‘third world’ country. The longer the journey, the more opportunity for pilferage or even worse, the hijacking of the entire cargo.

A reputable freight shipping company will ensure that there are no hidden costs in the quote supplied to you, with no nasty budgetary surprises that will affect the balance sheet and thus the profitability of your business. In addition a freight haulage company with a record of success will convey your cargo as speedily as possible to its destination, using a well maintained fleet of specialised vehicles in order to avoid downtime and thus the negative affect on the profitability of the project.

For a free freight shipping quote that will include all costs and have no hidden surprises contact us at Mactransco and we’ll make sure that your cargo gets to its destination safely, quickly and in the most cost