Freight companies

If roads can be viewed as the veins and arteries that keep South African commerce alive then the freight companies that travel thousands of kilometers on these roads must be the blood of industry. These freight companies are especially important in the context of South African industry where the country’s enormous mineral wealth has driven it forward on the path of prosperity. With a rail network that is stretched to capacity mines must turn to the haulers for assistance in order to get their valuable cargo to harbours and hence to the rest of the resource hungry world.

Freight companies can specialize in the transport of a wide variety of goods, each of which will require specialist packing, handling and specialised vehicles to safely convey the cargo to its port of call. Without these specialist vehicles there is a very real risk of damage to the cargo and a subsequent reduction in its value. As important to the safe delivery of valuable commodities is the caliber of the drivers. A reputable haulage firm will have drivers of the highest quality.

The specialist hauler will have the expertise to transport any number of commodities in a timely, safe manner. The safety of the cargo is especially important when extremely long distances are involved. It is not unknown for valuable cargo to travel from The Congo to Durban harbour only to find that the minerals being transported have been pilfered along the way and replaced with worthless ore. It is therefore of paramount importance that a reliable haulage firm, experienced in African conditions be retained.

Contact us for complete peace of mind whether your cargo is wheat or coal, cement or fertilizer we have a solution to your unique requirements. Other freight companies promise, we deliver on time, every time no matter how challenging the conditions. Our vision is to become the preeminent freight logistics company in South Africa by providing vital infrastructure, support and transport solutions to a growing economy, thus enabling both national and international connectivity. We take this vision extremely seriously and realise that we cannot achieve it without absolute dedication to customer satisfaction.