Warehouse Storage

One of the most famous frequently asked questions in the freight industry is wanting to know the difference between overstay and storage. Overstay is the process of moving remaining containers into a customs bonded/authorized depot for storage purposes till the consignee is ready to clear the container and take delivery.. This is generally done after the expiry of the standard free days offered at the port of discharge and is done by the shipping line concerned. Storage on the other hand is stated to be the charge levied by either the shipping line or the port if the cargo goes into overstay and is stored at a depot if it has not yet been cleared after the respective free days at the port. Warehouse storage facilities are used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers and transport business like Mactransco.

The nature of goods stored varies significantly and include raw materials, components or finished goods associated with agriculture, manufacturing and commerce. Therefore there are also a range of warehouse storage systems to fit our specific needs. Some of the most common types include pallet rack, mezzanine, cantilever, industrial shelving and automated storage and retrieval systems. Automation and optimization have become incredibly popular in warehouses over the last decade as they also save vast amounts of money for not requiring any workers inside. These systems are typically installed in refrigerated warehouses where they require extremely cold conditions or where the land is expensive and they opt for building that uses the vertical space to its fullest potential, with buildings reaching up to 20meters.

The WMS or ‘warehouse management system’ is one of the key elements of the supply chain and for the most part aims to control the transport and storage of material within a warehouse and processes associated with transactions, including shipping, receiving and picking. The process also direct and optimize stock ‘putaway’ based on real-time information about the status of bin utilization. If you require any information on warehouse storage contact us and let us answer all the questions you might have in regards to transporting and storing your goods.