cargo carriers at sea, on land and in the sky

The first mention of cargo carriers was around the beginning of the 1st Millennium BC where history stated that there have been recordings of waterborne activities involved in the carrying of items for trade. During the middle ages they decided to operate trade routes over long distances during all seasons of the year by improving their ship designs and just before the middle of the 19th century the act of piracy resulted in most cargo ships to be heavily armed. Piracy is however still common in some waters today with their favourite target still being the cargo vessels.

Cargo carriers for sea freight can be divided into two groups, a liner business which is typically but not exclusively a container vessel which operates as a ‘common carrier’ that regulates as a service which any member of the public can book cargo for shipment. The other is a tramp-tanker business which is a private business where the shipper and receiver hire vessel operators or owners to carry bulk (dry or liquid) or break bulk (cargoes with individually handled pieces).Larger cargo ships are generally operated by shipping lines: companies that specialize in the handling of cargo in general. Smaller vessels, such as coasters, are often owned by their operators.

Although the uses of cargo vessels are very popular when transporting goods between continents, there are also other modes of transport on land and air cargo services. Aircraft cargo is very popular with fresh produce and perishable goods. These are living products that continue their process of respiration once harvested and produces carbon dioxide, heat and water. Therefore their transit time is very critical due to the fact that they are highly perishable. For this reason the employment of air cargoes are very beneficial due to their ability to transit faster than any other mode of transport. On land cargo carriers include road cargo with trucks and rail cargo with trains. Both these modes of transit are generally more affordable yet safe and reliable. For more information on our modes of cargo transportation feel free to contact us.