The difficulties in clearing at border posts and the Mactranso solutions

Some of the problems we are faced with when clearing at border posts includes the critical shortage of experienced staff at the posts. There is also a lack of infrastructure to support the growing traffic volumes and the limited operational hours that severely impacts the supply chain turnaround times. The reason why it is also so difficult to address all the problems regarding the border post challenges are because strictly speaking it doesn’t fall under the responsibilities of the Department of Transportation. To address the inadequacies at the border post in a constructive manner is to find the right balance between all the relevant government stakeholders’ individual mandates. The needs of all border post users has to be coordinated with the authorities of neighbouring countries in order to create a favourable environment that enables an efficient cross-border movement of freight and passengers.

We at Mactransco offer cross-border transit of bulk product into Zimbabwe and Botswana despite all the difficulties involved in clearing at border posts. We pride ourselves on the fact that we accomplish each route of cargo transit with ease ad sufficient service and take all matters into our own hands in order to eliminate all excess pressure for our clients. Other services include the cross-border transportation of palletized goods and warehousing in Musina for the cross-border products such as fertilizer, cement, citrus, vehicles and grain to name a few. Real-time management of running costs and the implication of high value maintenance result in a minimum of transport vehicles required per respective contracts. This ensures that not only will we eliminate all hassles in regards to shipping your goods, but we also accomplish it by transpiring a lower capital investment which ensures a reduced transport cost for each client.

For any information on freight shipping or on clearing at border posts you will be sure to find everything you need to know from Mactranso. Our advanced experience and professional service gives us the opportunity to help you in way you need when it comes to transporting your commodities, so feel free to contact us if you have any question or would like to request a quote.