Where a Transport Company fits in with the Transportation Modes, Elements and Functions

Transport or transportation is the movement of people or goods from one location to another. The field of transportation with all its modes including, road, rail, pipelines, sea, cable and air can be divided into three elements consisting of infrastructure, operations and vehicles. The most important aspects of transportation are the modes of transport, the above mentioned elements and then they’re functions. A transport company comes into play with one of the two core functions which I will discuss shortly.

The different modes of transport are the technical solutions that make use of some sort of vehicle, infrastructure or operation (the three before mentioned elements). Each mode function differently in every way and therefore each has their advantages and disadvantages. One mode will be carefully selected for a specific journey on the basis of their cost, capability, routes and speed. In regards to the elements, the infrastructure is the fixed installations that allow a vehicle to operate. It provides a means for parking and maintenance via terminals and various facilities. For all land transportation the roads and entire way the vehicle has to travel needs to be built up, and even though this does not apply to airway and seaway they both still require a fixed infrastructure at terminals. The second element which is the vehicle can be described as a non-living mechanism that is used to move the goods or passengers. The third element is where a transport company will feature, where a private transport organization who owns the vehicles but not necessarily the infrastructures is employed to transfer goods from one location to another.

There are basically two functions when it comes to transportation. The first is the movement of passengers and the other of fright. Passenger transportation is required for travel arrangements, whether it’s via airway from one continent to another or roadway. Freight shipping is used in the transport of large quantities of goods across long distances. The process of cargo shipping is a specialized service with Mactransco being a very prestigious transport company in South Africa. If you want any information of how things work or want a quote contact us at any time.